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So, I’m feeling pretty good about the site so far. Everything is coming along nicely. I will be posting an updated map of the world Matra, along with some new characters to the Characters page soon. Shortly after my last post (chapter seven) my computer (ten years old now) decided it was time to die. I had been nursing it along for several months, hoping to keep it alive until i could save up enough cash for another one. I didn’t quite make my goal, so i had to bite the bullet and put it on my credit card. So, new computer is being shipped now, but in the meantime, I am running the site from my phone. Not an easy task, but doable, especially with help from my genius editor and all around computer guru, Kotaro. I really can’t thank him enough for making glyphbooks.com a reality in a relatively short time span.

It’s hard reading these early chapters after I’ve posted them. I always see more room for improvement, sometimes warranted, sometimes not. I think its likely just part of being a writer, my artist friends tell me they feel similar about their artwork. There is a real balancing act getting the reader to understand what’s going on without giving too much away, even more so in a web serial. For me, writing what I want to see is easy, having it all make some logical sense at the end, without being able to go back and edit what you’ve written… That’s the real trick, the real magic.

I sincerely hope you will stick with me, and don’t forget to vote weekly on topwebfiction.com. Thanks!

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