What is this Web Page?

Ten years ago, I had a MySpace blog.  Being temporarily unemployed, I began writing a series of blogs which have evolved into “The Hour”.   A surprising number of people read the blogs (over 20,000 by the time I stopped writing), so I decided to clean the old posts up and post them as a book. Well, this is a bit different from “Myspace”. Hell, I feel weird just saying the word “Myspace”. With the advent of Facebook, and its explosion of popularity, “Myspace” seems like an antiquated term like “typewriter” or “pay phone”. I have been away from the technological edge for a long time now, and figuring out this WordPress program has its challenges. Much of the terminology has changed in the last several years so this has been a bit of a learning curve. I’m taking it all in stride, and it helps that I have a few friends who have been helping me with this site. It’s not that it is too complicated, it’s just different and not what I have been used to in the past. Their help ensures that I will have everything up and running in a timely manner, and in case I haven’t said it often enough in the past, Thank you. (You know who you are.) As humans, we never seem to have enough time. Having other obligations like a full time job and a family mean that I have to use every last spare second to jam in my writing. If I had to use that time to figure out how to set up a table of contents or create a banner, I would never be able to finish this story, so again, kudos. As it stands, I have been working on this site for well over a month before going “public” with my first chapter. Part of the great fun of writing this way is the feedback from veiwers like you. I love to hear it all, everything from ‘You forgot a period’ to ‘That scene gave me the chills’. It’s all good, even the critics (because no one gets it right all of the time).  This story has grown like life itself over the years, and is now far beyond the short novella that appeared on “Myspace” eight years ago. So, kick back, relax and snuggle up with your device and prepare yourself for an epic adventure.

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