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Welcome to ‘The Hour’, a fast paced action packed thriller. In this novel you will meet Glyph Young, just your average regular guy trying to make his way through life like everyone else. But something extraordinary is happening to Glyph, something so amazing that even Glyph doubts its reality.


So, I started writing this several years ago after being laid off work. It began as a way of trying to keep busy, and to keep my skills current. Since I had a Myspace account I began to blog my story. I wrote it like a serial, complete with cliff-hangers at the end of each entry. It was as much for my own entertainment as it was for others and I enjoyed writing what I wanted to see. To my surprise it was apparently what my viewers wanted to see as well for after posting one chapter a week for four months I had nearly twenty thousand readers. At the behest of my friends I came up with an ending and called it a book. It was shortly afterward I found a new job, and my writing slowed to a trickle. Although I soon stopped blogging, I could not stop writing. I felt that Glyph’s story wasn’t yet finished, his story hadn’t ended in my mind, so I continued to write whenever I could find a spare moment. Now after many years, I have created this site to finish Glyph’s story.


This modern day mythology chronicles the adventures of Glyph Young as he discovers that he is just one piece in a puzzle that spans the universe, or a delusional psychopathic killer. This edge-of-the-seat thriller has a little bit of everything, including mystery, horror, fantasy, science fiction and romance, as seen through the eyes of Glyph Young

Chapters will be posted every other week.

WARNING : I strive to write my books to be as realistic as possible, therefore there is a fair share of foul language sprinkled throughout, (I don’t see the point in words like shiz or frak. We all know what they really mean, and aren’t fooling anyone.) as well as some pretty graphic descriptions of blood and guts gore.


Thank you for reading “The Hour” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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